Data-Driven Tips for Mobile Marketing Success

Any successful Pay Per Call marketing campaign is reliant, at the end of the day, on successful mobile marketing. Consumers are using their mobile devices to shop for products and research services before making contact with companies. According to Custora’s E-Commerce Pulse Mobile Report, mobile searching generated $43 billion in revenue throughout the whole of 2013. Mobile traffic to websites accounts for almost 50% of site visits, meaning the majority of your consumers are calling in following a mobile search.

As you plan your upcoming Pay Per Call campaign and prepare for your mobile marketing strategy, the following tips will help you put together a data-driven marketing approach that is successful.

Be Direct

Direct traffic to your website is the most significant source of visits, sales, and revenue from mobile devices. Roughly 32.9% of sales come from shoppers converting directly from mobile devices. People are using click-to-call buttons on their devices to contact your company and complete a sale. In order to take advantage of this you’ll need to ensure that all of your landing pages are optimized for the mobile web.

Pay Attention to SEM

Search engine marketing, SEM, is a powerful force in the world of tablets. SEM is starting to make inroads in the world of mobile phones, driving 13.3% of conversions currently. Smartphones pose a marketing challenge when it comes to SEM. Smaller screens mean smaller ads. This doesn’t make it impossible though. Taking advantage means creating ads that are optimized for viewing on smaller screens.

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Don’t Overdo Social

Social media is hailed as a savior in the world of marketing. It provides businesses with a free, reliable source of marketing that can reach target audiences and expand your reach. Social media activity and conversions are greater on mobile phones than any other platform, but mobile conversions remain extremely low at 0.6% of total conversions.

People still spend a lot of time using social media apps on their mobile devices, but this doesn’t mean that conversions and revenue are coming from social media on mobile. It is important to avoid investing too much time and money on social media programs.

Mobile devices offer the best starting point for your Pay Per Call campaigns. Leveraging the insights offered in this post will prepare your company to launch a mobile marketing campaign that is data-driven and ready to generate the revenue your company expects form all of its marketing efforts.

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