Everything You Need to Know About Related Picks on Google

A new feature has come to Google’s top stories carousel that is called “related picks.” The goal of the new feature is to give searchers another option for expanding their searches to see even more top-story content. For those searching on mobile for news-oriented keyword phrases, the related picks feature appears below the carousel. With yet another new feature from Google, how can digital marketers adjust to the addition of related picks to capitalize?

Improve SEO Efforts

SEO optimized keywords for your searchers can help improve your standing generally speaking in Google search results. However, having a wider list of SEO optimized keywords for your brand can help your company’s visibility with related picks because it suggests similar searches to consumers based upon their original search query.

For example, a search for “lawn services near me” as the primary search will also pull up related searches such as “lawn services in (city)” or “lawn services in (ZIP code.” Using better optimized keywords in your digital marketing will help your brand appear in the related picks dropdown even if you aren’t making it as the top result, increasing brand visibility.

Enhance Mobile Optimization

Google’s related picks function is ideally suited for mobile searches. The top stories or results show up in a carousel on top, but the related picks section is featured below with phrases and results that are similar. In order to appear here, you’ll not only need SEO-optimized keywords, but also a mobile site/app that is tailored to mobile platforms.

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Refocus Searchers

The biggest opportunity that related picks offers is the ability to refocus the search efforts of consumers to your brand or product. SearchEngineLand has a screen grab of a search on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and shows related picks options that offer variety to the searcher and can even refocus their search. Included options in this screen grab include:

  • Details on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
  • Speculation on Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 unveiled

With proper SEO optimization and digital marketing efforts, you can grab the attention of consumers searching your competitors products/services or other related options to grab more eyeballs for your brand.

Tie it into Pay Per Call

If you’re using Pay Per Call marketing on your mobile sites or app, getting your brand to appear on the related picks dropdown below the carousel can boost your Pay Per Call efforts to. If those keywords and phrases that appear in related picks redirect readers to your Pay Per Call optimized posts, you can boost calls to your business from taking advantage of the new Google feature.

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