Getting to Know Programmatic Search and How It Benefits Your Business

The marketing world is ripe for new buzzwords to catch on as new concepts are adopted on a regular basis to help business capitalize on consumer behavior. Programmatic search is a term you may or may not have heard of at this point. The rise of programmatic search in marketing conversations is directly related to the immense growth of programmatic advertising, which generated 20% of all online ad revenue last year according to PwC and IAB. So, what is programmatic search, and how could it benefit your business?

Brief Overview

Programmatic search offers businesses greater insight into customer behavior and more accurate bidding options for online ad campaigns. You want to know who you are targeting with your messages, what their shopping and searching behaviors are, and what their demographic is. Programs like AdWords are limited in terms of insight into your audience. With programmatic search, you can target consumers based upon more than just keywords by targeting individuals with income above a certain threshold or spending patterns (such as recent travel). The result is higher quality in the traffic directed to your business.

How it Works

In order for programmatic search to work effectively, your business needs to collaborate with a distribution partner that understands this concept. Both parties need to bring something to the table for programmatic search to be successful. For example, Adobe recently launched a self-service platform, of sorts, that makes it easier for advertisers to take control of the automated ad buying process. In order for it to work, multiple Adobe systems work together to provide advertisers with “target granular audience segments.”

This is just one example of collaboration that is required to effectively power programmatic search. Your distribution partner may have their own systems or means of combining systems to provide you with more detailed customer information.

How it Helps Your Business

Programmatic search is still a new concept, and it is expected to grow significantly in the next year. The potential benefit for your business should be clear. By teaming with the right distribution partner, you can more effectively spend your marketing dollars to target a more accurate segment of the consumer population. When you know more about the actions, demographics, and purchasing behavior of your target market, you are able to more accurately target ads that catch their attention. The result for you is an increase in the number of high quality leads, and a boost to your bottom line.

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