How Junk Removal Services Can Use Pay Per Call

If there’s one fact of life that is as certain as death and taxes, it’s junk. We all collect junk, no matter how hard we try to stay on top of it. As a general rule, the more space we have the more junk we are likely to collect. If you operate a junk removal service, you make it easier for all of us to get rid of our junk in affordable, environmentally friendly ways. But how do you spread the word about your business?

Pay Per Call campaigns are perfect for businesses in the junk removal industry. You cannot possibly tell people about all of the goods and refuse your business handles on a webpage or handout. You need to speak with them on the phone to make sure that they are throwing away stuff you can haul, and setting appointments over the phone is much easier than using a submission form with slow turnaround. So, what can Pay Per Call do for your business?

Build a Better Relationship

Direct mailers with your company phone number on the form is a great Pay Per Call medium for your business, but it has its limitations. You cannot possibly list all of the accepted materials on a mailing card. Encouraging your customers to call your business to speak with your staff ensures that neither party gets frustrated by useless appoints or a refusal to transport certain junk materials.

Clear lines of communication help your company maintain a better brand image in the eyes of consumers, and can even help spread the word about your business and its easy-to-use services.

Improve Customer Service

If your webpage or online advertisements ask consumers to fill out an online submission form, they don’t find the immediate resolution they might be looking for. When people finally decide to throw junk away, there is a small window of time to capitalize on that motivation before they accept that junk as a part of the home forever. Making your phone number visible and easy to connect with, you capitalize on a consumer’s actionable mood and offer quicker service to your customers compared to slower turnaround on submission forms.

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Reach a Wider Audience

Pay Per Call marketing is a versatile medium to help spread the word about your services. If you currently operate in a small region and wish to expand in neighbouring communities, you can use mobile ads, print ads, direct mailers, and even search ads to spread your phone number to consumers in a bigger geographic region.

Pay Per Call campaigns offer a lot of benefits to businesses, both large and small. Contact RingPartner today to learn more about Pay Per Call and how it can be customized to match your industry, customers, and the budget of your company.

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