How Performance Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Performance marketing has become the norm among digital marketers and small business owners looking to boost the online profile (brand recognition) of a company. According to SmartInsights, “performance marketing uses clearly defined and measurable business objectives as the basis of payment or optimization.” In short, performance marketing boosts a business through performance-based campaigns that leave a business paying only when a specific action is completed by consumers. Read on to learn how performance marketing benefits a business and can boost its online profile.

Optimizes Down-Funnel KPIs

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are actions such as impressions or clicks. In the case of a Pay Per Call campaign, KPIs include clicks on click-to-call buttons and calls placed. Performance marketing boosts a business by focusing on actions down the sales funnel. Rather than spending money up the funnel just to attract viewers, performance marketing focuses on getting consumers to pick up the phone or click to call the business. As such, it generates hot leads which are more likely to convert into sales.

Pay for What You Get

Businesses will have more money to invest back into the brand in the long run, because with performance marketing money is only paid for desirable actions. Rather than paying up front for a display ad that may or may not grow the company’s profile, performance marketing enables brands to pay only for ads and content that generate calls through Pay Per Call. If a campaign isn’t working, it isn’t wasting company money. As such, marketing efforts can be easily tweaked and optimized for greater success. With more success comes a better profile among potential consumers.

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Hone In on Audiences Quicker

With a focus on measurable results, performance marketing like Pay Per Call enables quicker optimization. It shouldn’t take weeks to get it right. With performance marketing, brands hone in on the right audience quickly by measuring success, focusing on what’s working, and optimizing content faster to generate calls and conversions.

React in Real Time with Instant ROI

Other forms of marketing leave a brand behind the eight-ball, reacting days or weeks later to measurable data. With Pay Per Call and other performance marketing campaigns delivering results in real time, brands can see return on investment (ROI) near-instantly. This means adjustments can be made instantaneously to keep the brand in consumer minds in a positive light, driving interactions.

Tips for Successful Performance Marketing

Simply calling Pay Per Call and other campaigns performance marketing doesn’t mean they’ll be successful in generating actions (calls) from consumers. If brands want performance marketing to succeed in boosting the business, the right tactics must be employed. Here are some tips to help ensure success, courtesy of Forbes:

  • Clear, concise CTA: Performance marketing is all about generating a specific, measurable action. Be sure to include a clear, concise call-to-action in content that encourages the specific action desired.
  • Compelling message: Messaging is critical to any marketing campaign, but if brands want performance marketing to generate a specific action then the use of a compelling message is vital. It should grab the consumer’s attention and create a connection between the brand and the consumer.
  • Develop designated landing pages: All performance marketing content should drive users to a dedicated landing page that has relevant content, which in turn pushes them toward a measurable action.

Performance marketing is the new wave of digital marketing. It generates a specific action among consumers, getting them to call the business, and is easier to optimize on the fly to continue boosting the brand over time.

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