How to Include Mobile Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

We all know that any good marketing strategy requires several offshoot branches in order to be truly successful. If you want to reach the most customers with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness in 2017, you need to include various approaches to your overall strategy. If mobile marketing is something you’re struggling to integrate into your marketing strategy, here are a few tips to help achieve that goal.

Create Synergy Across Channels

Modern consumers use mobile devices across their entire online journey, from searching for products and researching consumer reviews to learning more on your website and making a purchase. The best way to integrate mobile marketing is to ensure that across all mobile devices, from iOS smartphones to Android tablets, your customers enjoy quality interactions.

Your mobile strategy should feel seamless across all devices, with smooth site navigation and ease-of-use features (think easily clickable features and minimalistic designs). Mobile consumers want fast load times, simple layouts, and the ability to connect quickly when questions arise.

Prioritize the Most Important Aspects

You may not know off hand what your customers’ mobile preferences are, and that’s fine. We can help by identifying the features that are usually top of the list. Most mobile customers prefer:

  • Easy page viewing
  • Product reviews
  • Mechanisms to provide feedback
  • Quick reordering

If you’re launching a mobile marketing strategy, make sure you keep these structural factors in mind so the user experience is enjoyable.

Optimize for Local

Whether you’ve used it yourself or not, “near me” searches are surging on Google. The web giant reported in 2015 that “near me” searches not only doubled from 2014 to 2015 (the most recent year data is available), but that “near me” searches had increased 34 times since 2011. Furthermore, 80% of that increase is coming from mobile. Your keyword usage and ad bidding should take into account the immense value of local searches using “near me” when folding mobile marketing into your marketing strategy.

Make Contact a Breeze

Last but not least, customers need a means of getting in contact quickly. Mobile strategies can present a conundrum. Consumers want a streamlined, fast mobile experience, but at the same time the lack of detail can leave them needing answers ASAP. One of the best things you can do when integrating mobile marketing into your marketing strategy is to implement click-to-call buttons.

These buttons should be boldly displayed, whether it’s text that says “Call Now,” “Click to Call Us,” or simply has your phone number, this gives consumers an easy way to connect to your company with the literal touch of a finger. 70% of mobile searches use click-to-call features, and 61% identify the feature as “extremely/very important.”

Mobile marketing is critical in the modern era, and has an important role to play in your overall marketing strategy. With the tips above, you can begin to integrate mobile marketing strategies into your overall mix.

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