How to Optimize Content for Mobile Marketing

Success in any marketing campaign, from content marketing to Pay Per Call, comes down to optimization. If your marketing efforts are not optimized to a particular channel or suited for a particular niche, you won’t reap the maximum reward from your efforts. When it comes to marketing in the digital age, it’s important to optimize mobile content for consumers. So, how can you do it?

Target Customers by Proximity

Targeting customers when they are within a particular geographic area can have immense benefits for your business. Research has shown that customers are more likely to visit a business if/when they are already in a particular neighborhood. In order to optimize mobile content by location, you can use geo-targeting to highlight your brand for consumers when they are in your service area.

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Let Automation Work for You

You can’t always be present to adjust your content marketing or send out particular notices in your Pay Per Call campaign. If you optimize mobile content using automation tools you can control anything from content and ads to customers’ interactions automatically. Using automated tools to optimize mobile content, you can send push notifications or in-app messages with time-sensitive information that maximizes your potential to reach out to customers.

Follow the Rule of Thumb

By this we mean, design your mobile content with a user’s thumb in mind. Most mobile users are going to click and scroll using only their thumb, as their other hand is busy holding a drink, purse, bag, or other item. Thumb gestures are key to customer interactions on mobile devices, so concepts such as a larger stress point (click area) are needed to accommodate for approximate location and make navigation easier.

Give Out Coupons

Everyone likes a deal. Digital coupons offered in conjunction with your proximity marketing can help optimize mobile content to attract more users. In fact, 96% of mobile users and 70% of Millennials are already using their phones to search for coupons to begin with. Capitalize on that existing interest and draw them in with limited-time coupons for goods/services.

Integrate Video

There’s nothing worse than a long block of text, especially when it comes to smaller mobile screens. If you want to truly optimize mobile content for your consumer base, learn when and where to integrate videos into your content marketing to offer a balance point against text and engage with your consumers in a different way.

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