How to Use Facebook Ads for Account Based Marketing

Facebook is undeniably the most influential and powerful social media platform when it comes to advertising. Businesses both small and large use Facebook Ads and other marketing tools on the site to promote products and services. In fact, there are 5 million businesses using Facebookto reach target audiences. When it comes to Account Based Marketing (ABM), businesses can take advantage of Facebook Ads to connect with current audiences and reach new ones. Read on to learn the how-tos of Facebook Ads and ABM.

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What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

ABM is a unique marketing approach that focuses the sales and marketing resources of the business to a very clearly defined set of accounts. ABM delivers a marketing message to these target accounts that is based upon the specific attributes and needs of the client. As a result, the marketing content delivered to these target accounts is personalized to the individual account and designed to resonate with that individual client account.

How to Utilize Facebook Ads with ABM

Any effective ABM campaign features certain characteristics. In order to be successful, ABM must include:

  • A detailed picture of target accounts and the decision makers running them. What’s the business and what unique buying challenges does it face?

  • Personalized content that resonates with the individual account and offers value specific to that account.

  • Effective distribution (Facebook Ads, in this case).

  • Measurable success. In the case of ABM, campaign measurement should focus on developing engagement with that account and building a quality relationship.

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Facebook Ads can effectively meet all of these criteria for a quality ABM campaign. Facebook offers a number of powerful tools to help create a target audience, personalize the content, and disseminate it effectively. If you want to create an effective ABM campaign using Facebook Ads, follow these steps:

  1. Target Specific Audiences: Using Facebook Custom Audiences, you can upload the email addresses and phone numbers of target accounts from your existing database of contact information. You can use customer audiences to target specific accounts and even engage in retargeting to promote certain ads to a specific list of identified accounts. Additionally, you can use lookalike audiences to target new accounts based on existing target accounts.

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  2. Personalize the Content: Now that you know the audience to target, it’s time to personalize the content to the target account. To be effective, content must be precise and 100% relevant to the target account. Focus on creating Facebook Ads that have strong visuals to catch the eye, relevant information that resonates with the viewer, and offers a value proposition that is impossible to miss.

  3. Monitor ABM Results: Metrics for success in ABM are different than other marketing campaigns. You’ll want to follow the Facebook Ads metrics that show audience growth in a specific target audience. You should also look for enhanced account trust and improved perception of the brand, as well as increased account engagement with your brand through those target accounts.

Why is ABM Important?

ABM campaigns are important to marketing because it can help your brand acquire specific, high-value target customers. Other marketing campaigns, though effective, are broad-reaching in their appeal and don’t always answer the specific pains of high-value target accounts. ABM delivers a clear sense of ROI and reduces resource waste in the company. Because of the highly-targeted nature of ABM campaigns, you can focus your resources efficiently and run a marketing program that is specifically optimized to resonate with your target accounts.

Best of all, ABM is an important marketing approach because it makes tracking goals easier. When you optimize and personalize content for target accounts, you are looking only at the measurements from a small set of target accounts rather than large numbers of accounts from broader campaigns.

Facebook Ads can help you achieve your Account Based Marketing goals by helping you define a clear target audience, target them with personalized content, and measure the success of that content in driving engagement.

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