How to Use Programmatic Search to Increase Your Customer Base

Programmatic search is an emerging technology that allows companies to be much more purposeful in their ad buying schemes. While traditional advertising often consisted of choosing one newspaper, for example, to advertise in, programmatic advertising allows you to tailor the message to the individual, rather than targeting one platform. So, how can you use programmatic advertising and search to increase your customer base?

Focus on Your Audience

Programmatic search can be used to put your Pay Per Call ads into the face of the audience that drives your business. But how do you know what your audience is? Programmatic search allows you to use the data you have on your customers, from demographics and income to purchasing habits and previous interactions with your brand, to build programmatic ads that appear in front of the right consumers and focus on the message needed to drive them toward an action.

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Track Your Audience Across Devices

Modern consumers interact with brands and make purchases online using mobile devices, and not just one type of mobile device. While it can be hard for some brands to track customers across these different devices, programmatic search makes it simpler for your Pay Per Call campaigns and other marketing efforts to track audiences across various devices. When consumers interact with your programmatic advertising, you are able to immediately detect the device they are using and serve up the right ad to view on that device. This helps you build a bigger customer base by targeting the right people with a proper, easy-to-view ad.

Retarget Previous Viewers to Make Customers

Sometimes the first visit a customer makes doesn’t result in conversion from a looker to a buyer. Retargeting is used to keep placing ads for previously viewed items in front of those who have already visited your site, and programmatic search gives retargeting a more powerful platform. With programmatic advertising, you can evaluate and bid on individual users that have previously visited your site, ensuring that you pull customers back into the orbit of your brand.

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Programmatic search may be a newer tool for Pay Per Call and other marketing platforms, but it has a lot of potential to help your brand improve upon and build its customer base.

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