Ins and Outs of Click-to-Call Marketing

A crucial component of Pay Per Call marketing is the use of click-to-call marketing within your campaign. With 162 billion calls expected from smartphones by 2019, click-to-call offers the perfect platform to get consumers engaged with your brand quickly. All it takes is a simple click of their smartphone screen and they’re connected to your business. So what are the ins and outs that will help you succeed?

It’s About Visuals

Click-to-call is all about visuals and number placement. An estimated 68% of consumers only search for your number for two minutes. Some 34% will only search for a minute, or less. After those timeframes, they give up and look for the competition. That’s a lot of lost business if those individuals don’t see your number. Here’s what you should, and shouldn’t, do to make it easier:

  • DO: Put your business number on every landing page of your website, for each individual service or product.
  • DON’T: Forget to make those numbers clickable. Consumers can always write it down and punch it in manually, but click-to-call exists to make it easier for consumers to just click and connect with your business.

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Take Advantage of Google’s Power

Google has power and reach on the web that no other search engine can match, so take advantage of that. The company’s relatively new Call-Only Ads specifically target mobile devices with the ability to place a phone call, making it the perfect companion for click-to-call marketing in your Pay Per Call campaign. Here’s what you should, and shouldn’t, do in this realm:

  • DO: Target your call-only ads toward repeat customers, making it easier for them to connect right to your business quickly.
  • DON’T: Not to overstate the obvious, but these ads shouldn’t run when no one is around to answer the phones. Keep the ads limited to business hours only.

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If at First You don’t Succeed, Try Again

There’s nothing wrong with retargeting previous consumer segments that didn’t convert the first time around. Introducing click-to-call in your retargeting campaigns not only allows you to learn from previous conversations and create more effective campaigns, it also makes it easier for those consumers to click and connect. Don’t forget, most companies see at least a 10% boost in inbound calls with the help of click-to-call.