Mobile Ad Copy for Pay Per Call: Increase Your Call-Throughs Overnight

With Pay Per Call marketing stealing ever greater advertising dollars away from traditional PPC, merchants and affiliates are taking notice in a big way. In the rush to capitalize on this development, many marketers are making a lot of mistakes with their online ad copy. Too many believe that they can take their PPC tactics and apply them to mobile Pay Per Call without modification. To get the most from Pay Per Call on mobile, remember the following when crafting ad copy.

Segmentation Is Clutch

The one-size-fits-all approach is fraught with peril in the mobile world. Buying habits and conversion rates for different consumers vary quite a bit based on the screen size of their device, the operating system they run and whether they’re using a phone or tablet. That’s quite a few variables to consider, which is why in-depth analytics and rigorous testing are the difference between mobile ad copy pitches that convert and those that ultimately fall flat.

Match Copy with Imagery

SMS blasts and standalone text ads can be highly effective in the right settings. However, you’re going to find that your mobile advertising will typically have to incorporate an image or two for the most part to hit pay dirt. Matching your copy with your imagery is the key to ensuring Pay Per Call success for many campaigns. Be sure that the mental picture your imagery is supposed to conjure jives with your verbiage.

Avoid Clichéd Language

After being exposed to tens of thousands of hours of online marketing overtures, most people get a feel for when they’re being pitched to. They do so by recognizing trite marketing speak and calls to action. If you use the same old clichés in your headlines, your target audience is going to see right through your transparent approaches. Do a little keyword research to see what’s less common and use that language to stand out.

Make Your Call to Action a Promise

An alarming number of marketers make their pitches too confrontational by demanding action from consumers. Be different by making a promise to viewers of your ads. The key to getting a response with your promise-laden copy is to be realistic with your claims. Besides damaging your brand in the long run, promising more than you can deliver or serving up a deceptive offer that’s not all it’s cracked up to be decreases ROI.

Never Forget Branding

For most mobile campaigns, it’ll be important to use a brand name within the headline or immediately thereafter. It doesn’t matter if consumers don’t recognize the brand just yet. Prominently positioning a brand name in your copy helps to build up a reputation and is more effective when it comes to encouraging clicks and more importantly calls. If you don’t include a noticeable brand name and an accompanying image, you won’t elicit a passionate reaction from consumers.

Paid Mobile Marketing Done Right

Without a doubt, using paid promotion is the best way to achieve immediate Pay Per Call results. While you can take the organic route, paying for placement turbo-charges the process. If you want results faster than usual, a robust Pay Per Call ad network can help you to get your mobile blasts in front of the right consumers. With the right ad network by your side, working out the appropriate mobile ad copy for any campaign is a cinch.