Mobile Content Marketing Tips for the Pay Per Call Afficionado

Oftentimes, the best way to trump the competition in any marketing endeavor is to take the path less traveled. Many Pay Per Call warriors erroneously assume that mobile marketing is all about paid placement in the SERPs and mass SMS blasts. The truth is that content marketing can still yield positive results if you adapt your tactics to the mobile world. Pay Per Call marketers that favor content as the primary vehicle for delivering their messages should heed the following tips.

Make Brevity a Priority

There’s no denying the fact that mobile device users consume content differently than desktop or laptop users. Quite a few mobile users rely on apps like Pocket and Instapaper to make a note of content they’d rather peruse later at their leisure. However, just as many people digest email marketing content when they receive it if it piques their interest. Keeping your content short, sweet and above all else mobile-friendly is of paramount importance.

Create Content That’s Hyper-Local

Successful Pay Per Call campaigns go after tightly defined niches that are likely to respond to a particular pitch. Obviously, courting such consumers with content marketing depends on serving up content that caters directly to their needs. A little hyper-local keyword research, some analytics homework and a bit of intuition should point you in exactly the right direction when it comes to crafting content that can propel a Pay Per Call campaign forward.

Lean on Video in a Big Way

There’s no hard-and-fast rule that content marketing must be an article-based affair. Nowadays, quick video clips are the mobile equivalent of traditional blog posts. The secret to mobile video marketing success is ditching the exposition and getting right down to brass tacks. Videos can be paused and backed up as needed. As such, you don’t need to waste your audience’s time with a lengthy introduction. Present a problem, solve it in short order and do it in style.

Give People Options with Email

As you know, email should be a primary component of any mobile marketing strategy. For one thing, email opt-ins are a good indicator of potential interest from your target demographics. More importantly, email blasts allow followers to peruse content either immediately or at their leisure at a later time. Every mobile email communique that you send out should be a synopsis of a more comprehensive piece of content. Link to the source material so that followers can check it out later on a larger screen.

Target the Social Butterflies

As a promotional strategy, content marketing works best when it’s tailored to appeal to the social media butterflies. It’s the followers that in turn have legions of followers of their own on sites like Twitter and Facebook that will make your content go the distance in the end. Using analytics tools that are specifically designed to track social mentions will allow you to identify the users worth targeting and the kinds of content they prefer.

Moral of the Story

Despite the effort that content marketing necessarily demands from affiliates and merchants, the potential gains justify the extra legwork. Combined with Pay Per Call, content marketing can kick mobile conversions into the stratosphere. The average consumer relies on their smartphone or tablet to an increasing degree when researching their options for any given purchase nowadays. As such, the future of mobile content marketing is extremely bright if you know how to create and present your own content intelligently.