Mobile Email Marketing &Pay Per Call: a Match Made in Heaven

With more and more people accessing their email via mobile devices, the opportunities presented to marketers have risen exponentially. In fact, there’s never been a better time to use email to find and convert leads. If you’re interested in really turning up the heat on your campaigns, combining traditional email marketing approaches with Pay Per Call is the ticket to untold profits. The following tips can help you to meld email blasts with Pay Per Call in a way that’s highly productive.

Keep It Short & Focused

More so than traditional email marketing, mobile email marketing requires you to get right to the point. You can’t expect anyone to click a “call to action” button and phone up a merchant if they don’t even bother to read the entire message. Obviously, you’ll need to do a fair amount of research to nail down the appropriate length for your audience. However, it’s of paramount importance that you find that sweet spot.

Lighten the Digital Load

When it comes to mobile web design, less is more. Mobile web pages must be lightweight to achieve quick page loads. Likewise, mobile emails should be spartan albeit for a different reason. If you try to cram too much visual information into an email, you risk losing the interest of your audience. Use a single column layout no more than 600 pixels wide to convey your message and include only a few simple images or graphics if necessary.

Make the Information Actionable

People are more likely to access mobile email while they’re out and about during the day. As such, your email blasts should be optimized to capitalize on consumers in motion. Your emails need to elicit action right after the recipients reads them, especially when you’re using Pay Per Call marketing to promote your offers. While it’ll take a fair amount of analytics homework to really lock down optimal target niches, the extra effort will be worth it in the end.

Don’t Overdo the Call to Action

It’s important that you make your call to action buttons prominent without shoving them in the faces of readers. Most mobile users aren’t idiots and they know a pitch when they hear one, so don’t clobber them over the head with your calls to actions. Ultimately, you’ll win more people over with sound arguments than you will with massive “Call Now!” button graphics. Besides, making your call buttons too big can result in false leads that don’t have a chance of actually going anywhere.

Make Unsubscribing Easy

If you’re using concerted email campaigns to push your Pay Per Call numbers, you’ve obviously invested quite a bit of time into a particular line of marketing. That’s why it can be so tough to let potential customers go. However, you’ll increase the likelihood that leads will eventually come back if you make it easy to walk away. Make the unsubscribe process as simple as possible but try to get a quick explanation from followers as to why they’re leaving.

Converting Emails to Calls

Mastering the art of email marketing is just one part of the equation. Even if you’re a whiz when it comes to marketing psychology, you’ll be sunk without a good Pay Per Call ad network in your corner. A proven network can connect you with leads that are far more likely to convert in due time. Figure out that critical variable and the Pay Per Call email marketing world will be your oyster.