Mobile Marketing & Micro-Blogging: Using Twitter to Supercharge Pay Per Call

As many affiliates have already discovered, Twitter can be an absolute commissions bonanza. Over the past few years, the sheer volume of affiliate marketing on the web’s premier micro-blogging platform has absolutely exploded. The next big untapped opportunity on Twitter is without a doubt Pay Per Call marketing. If you’re interested in using Twitter to boost your calls and conversions, the following tips will come in handy. As you’ll see shortly, Twitter and Pay Per Call are a natural pairing.

Get Your Headlines Right

The attention span of the average Twitter user is understandably quite short. When it comes to getting the attention of followers, marketers must think outside of the box insofar as crafting tweet copy is concerned. You’ll need to put the hook in potential leads within the first few words, so consider your headlines carefully. The majority of Twitter affiliate marketers fail because they don’t differentiate their tweet language from that of their competitors when promoting offers.

Know Your Audience

No matter how hard you try, you may find yourself in a position where the bulk of your following doesn’t line up with the intended audience for a campaign. When this is the case, there’s no reason to start over from scratch with a new Twitter profile. If you’re a real affiliate marketer, you know how to roll with the punches and match up your following with appropriate affiliate offers for maximum conversions.

Build a Vibrant Community

If you try to use Twitter as a PA system for firing off random promotional blasts, you’re not going to get very far. To achieve maximum ROI, you need to become a thought leader at the head of a digital tribe. Be sure to retweet links to helpful content alongside your promotional affiliate offers. Once you’ve built up a decent following for your Twitter profile, you can include Pay Per Call numbers in your tweets.

Use Advanced Analytics to Direct Campaigns

Nowadays, the success of a Twitter affiliate campaign depends on a diverse array of factors above and beyond keywords or content. For instance, the time of day at which you publish a tweet can have a big impact on how well it’s received. While Twitter’s built-in analytics are fine, it helps to have more robust options at your disposal. Most Pay Per Call ad networks boast specialty analytics solutions to optimize affiliate campaigns.

Narrow the Field via Geo-Location

Up until recently, geo-location campaigns on Twitter have been somewhat tricky to pull off in the most effective manner. Thanks to the new Twitter Nearby feature, affiliates can more accurately fine-tune how their local mobile campaigns run on the ground. Using the insights gleaned from analytics data, savvy affiliate marketers can massively boost conversions and ROI through geo-fencing. Ultimately, geo-location is the key to unlocking profits in the increasingly competitive mobile marketing arena.

Tweeting Your Way to Riches

Affiliate marketing via micro-blogging manages to combine paid promotion and social media in a highly synergistic fashion. Even if you’re an expert at using Twitter for promotion, you’ll go nowhere fast without a Pay Per Call ad network by your side. Oftentimes, a versatile ad network is the critical “X factor” that eludes so many struggling affiliates. Once you’ve found the right network, Pay Per Call success is only a few tweets away.