Pay Per Call Analytics that Matter to Small Auto Shops

It’s never easy to operate as a small business. As the owner, your job isn’t done when you launch your own brand and work to help it grow. You’re responsible for supplies, marketing, payroll, and a host of other duties. Pay Per Call offers an excellent way to monetize the phone calls your business already receives, but only with the help of the right analytics. Which analytic tools best suit your small auto shop?

Demographics and Sentiment

Knowing who is calling and where they’re calling from is a fundamental facet of any marketing campaign, and it applies to your Pay Per Call ads as well. There are analytic tools available that offer insight into phone calls after you hang up. This real-time call tracking lets you see the date, time, length of call, and region of origin. In this manner, you can gain insight into which areas generate the most calls from your Pay Per Call campaign.

Similarly, you can begin to understand the sentiment of your callers. Why are they calling your business? Is it largely informative, or do they know what they want and find themselves in the mood to purchase?

Conversions to Sales

A key component of Pay Per Call for any business is understanding which consumer calls are converting to sales, and which ones aren’t. The money you spend on Pay Per Call is not effective if the majority of the calls it generates don’t end in a sale. One of the best tools for analyzing this is real-time recording that lets you listen to your calls later to determine which calls led to sales, tie that to a particular ad campaign, and reproduce those results in the future.

For example, if you’re running a special deal on tire rotations or brake checkups, is that campaign generating calls that are converting into appointments (sales), or are most people calling in with further questions about the offer? This kind of insight helps you fine tune your marketing campaigns to ensure your ad dollars are being spent wisely.

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Tracking the Customer Journey

Perhaps the most important overall component of a good Pay Per Call campaign is the ability to track your customer’s journey from start to finish. What made those individuals pick up the phone, call your shop, and schedule an oil change? Was it simply a result of good ad placement, or did a specific set of keywords localized to a particular region lead your callers to schedule an appointment? Whatever the reason, you won’t know without the right analytics to provide insight.

Pay Per Call has applications for countless small businesses. Your auto shop will benefit from learning more about the marketing offers that drive calls and locations which generate the most calls to your business.

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