Re-Energize Your Clients With A Culture of Calls

In today’s age of digital text communication, email tends to be the preferred method of communication among businesses and clients. Unfortunately, reliance on email can lead to one “living in their inbox” – checking your email inbox every time you have an unread message. This seriously disrupts your efficiency and ability to focus on tasks that create lasting value for your business. While email is light years faster than its paper-based counterpart, coordinating a sales call with an advertiser, especially when factoring in a time differential, can be a slow and frustrating process.

Being in the Pay Per Call marketing industry, we decided to shake out of our complacency, and make the move back to person-to-person phone calls, amidst the age of emails. The results of this change were immediately apparent. Within one week of switching to calls as our regular mode of communication, our turnaround time between a client application and running their first campaign dropped significantly. We received glowing feedback from clients, who loved the ‘personal touch’ that a phone call provides. Most importantly, the level of energy and excitement throughout the office spiked, as the level of personal interaction with clients increased.

Our Culture of Calls

What started as something of a company challenge to increase our call numbers quickly became something more. We had begun to create a ‘culture of calls’, or ‘call-ture’ (we are still working on getting ‘call-ture’ trademarked), and we were seeing a new level of engagement with our clients that we hadn’t experienced using email as our chief method of communication. Each of our team members became more creative in finding new clients to contact, and encouraged clients to reach out to us to discuss new and exciting business opportunities. In the end, this creativity is what was necessary to optimize our business, and is what every small business needs to succeed – the creativity to create business opportunities, and the drive to pursue them.

After switching to our call-centred approach, it takes one look at our feedback from clients to see that it is having the desired effect. After developing this culture of calls, we doubt that we will ever return to depending on email as our main method of reaching clients. If you are looking to re-energize your office communications and give your correspondence a serious speed boost, then begin creating your own “call-ture”.

You may be amazed at what happens.

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