Statistics That Prove The Value of Pay Per Call And Mobile Marketing

As a small business, it’s vital that you spend your advertising and marketing dollars effectively to get the most out of your efforts to promote your products/services and grow your customer base. However, simply telling you that Pay Per Call and mobile marketing are important to your business isn’t nearly as powerful without the statistics to back it up. In this post we set aside the how-to posts and guides for Pay Per Call to reinforce the value your small business gains from these marketing tools.

The Majority of Buyers are Digital

According to SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer’s journey now takes place in the digital realm. Consumers are researching online, connecting with business on social media, and reaching out to companies using digital mediums. Your small-business online marketing is more important now than ever before, because buyers rely less on your sales reps and more on your online content to inform them during the research and decision-making processes.

Google Really is All Powerful

If someone tells you that you can succeed without Google or ignore its website standards, that individual has their head in the sand. If you want to get noticed, you need to play by Google’s rules and get your website, social media profile, and phone number in front of Google users. Why? Because 72% of buyers are using Google during the research stage. Is this the definitive stage in the buying process? No. However, it is the starting point for almost three-quarters of shoppers today. Given Google is now further embracing Pay Per Call with its Call-Only Ads in AdWords, it’s foolish not to take advantage.

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Your Social Presence Matters

Social media is a great tool to help your small business manage its online presence and solve customer issues when they’re minor, nipping major issues in the bud. Having an open line of communication with customers on social media is important to maintaining a positive image for your products and brand. Why you ask? A staggering 90% of consumers, according to Ciceron, read online reviews and commentary on products and brands before making a decision.

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Customers Want to Talk

Pay Per Call may seem difficult to comprehend at times, but using Pay Per Call to make it easier for consumers to get in touch with your business is critical. According to eConsultancy, 83% of consumers require some level of customer support when making an online purchase or decision. Pay Per Call makes it easy for customers to contact your small business, and helps you convert shoppers to buyers.