Three Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing in 2015

A new year is almost here, which means it is time to reassess your current online marketing strategy. Whether your marketing strategy has been successful or average throughout 2014, it is always a good idea to evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts (and dollars) to ensure you are prepared for the next year. If your company has underperformed, a revaluation will help right the ship. If you have enjoyed great success, that doesn’t mean it is harmful to at least look at your system and ensure it will help you remain successful.

Online marketing is a critical tool in any Pay Per Call marketing campaign. Consumers conduct online searches for businesses, products, and services. If your online marketing scheme isn’t working, you are losing consumers. Follow these three steps to improve your online marketing in 2015.

Build a Great Website

Your website is an excellent vehicle for driving customers from the web to your business. They research your company, learn about locations, and find the phone number to call you. However, if your website isn’t optimized for use on all devices, you’ll lose out on consumers. Ensure that your website works smoothly and has an enjoyable user interface on desktops and all web browsers, as well as tablet and smartphone devices and browsers.

Social Media and Blogging

Word of a mouth is a powerful tool for any marketing department. Social media allows you to connect with your consumers, create a personal image of the company, and track how often your company is mentioned on social networks. Blogs offer an outlet for fresh, relevant content that attracts customers and generates interest. All these activities can lead to calls, which is beneficial for your business.

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Fast Responses

The most important marketing tool you have is your own voice. Whether your customers contact you via online forms and email, or pick up the phone and give life to your Pay Per Call campaigns, those contacts are all wasted if you don’t respond rapidly. When it comes to online contact, a rapid response is vital because consumers may submit several forms with multiple businesses.

If you don’t call or email back, your competitor might beat you to it. When it comes to calls, you need to answer the phone and be prepared to deal with your customers. If you miss the call, it is important to call back quickly for the exact same reason as rapid online responses. Consumers call when they need information or services ASAP. When you don’t answer, they move on to the next business on the list to satisfy their needs.

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