Top Mobile Marketing Tips for Startups

Startups often have the most limited funds of any business, and in some cases even less than the average small business. When your marketing and ad budget is small, you have to make sure that every penny is spent wisely. Mobile marketing is critical to the success of any company right now as more and more consumers turn to mobile devices for everything from purchases to research before buying. The following tips will help you effectively utilize mobile marketing tactics for your startup.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

There’s absolutely no point in driving consumers to your mobile site if you aren’t prepared with a mobile-friendly design for your website. More importantly though, your mobile website shouldn’t simply be a mobile-version of your desktop site. You need to build an entirely unique mobile website dedicated solely to the visuals of mobile devices and the actions of mobile users. Mobile sites need to not only fit a variety of screen sizes across smartphone and tablet devices, but the experience needs to be quick and easy. Remember, these consumers are making decisions and pursuing actions on the go. There’s no time to sift through an abundance of info.

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Develop a Responsive Design

If a mobile-friendly website is proving too difficult for your startup to use in meeting the surfing needs of all consumers, consider a responsive design instead. Websites with a responsive design automatically adjust the content and layout of your page to suit the specific device used by each consumer. In this way, you don’t have to develop a different mobile app or site for each different device type and mobile OS in use.

Get On Board with Pay Per Call Marketing

If your new startup exists in an industry or niche that thrives on direct conversations with consumers to convert searchers to buyers, Pay Per Call enables you to make a valuable and direct link to consumers. Rather than focusing on clicks, you can use Pay Per Call marketing to convert your web traffic to paying customers by connecting them with your company over the phone. You’ll enjoy greater bang for your marketing buck because, as Invoca points out, phone calls are still king. Even though the average smartphone owner uses 27 apps per month, phone calls are still the single most valuable function of a smartphone to users.

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