What is Programmatic GeoTargeting & Hyperlocal Targeting

There’s a variety of different targeting methods within Pay Per Click & Pay Per Call campaigns. Knowing the difference and how to use them is important for ensuring your campaign is targeting the best audience. One of the most common ways to target your audience is based on geographic location. There are different terms regarding location targeting including Programmatic GeoTargeting & Hyperlocal Targeting, both crucial to ensuring you’re reaching the most effective leads.

What is Programmatic GeoTargeting?

Programmatic GeoTargeting is a form of ad targeting where an ad targets the audience based on their GPS or program’s geographic location. So, based off of a lead’s IP address, zip code, GPS, or similar, ads will ensure they are targeting lead’s based off of their location. So, if a lead calls in and enters one zip code, the lead will be sent to the appropriate business within the same zip code. Using Programmatic Geo-Targeting helps ensure the quality of leads when running campaigns over numerous zip codes

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What is Hyperlocal Targeting?

Hyperlocal targeting is similar to Programmatic Geotargeting because they both target their audience by location. However, with hyperlocal targeting, the ad will use a GPS to show within a pre-defined radius around a set location. This type of targeting can be determined according to your business’ location or your competitor’s location to target their leads.

Programmatic Geotargeting & Hyperlocal Targeting with Pay Per Call

Programmatic GeoTargeting & Hyperlocal Targeting both have their benefits when promoting campaigns. Targeting audiences based on their locations adds to the quality of the lead because the client buying the call can ensure they will be within their operating location. By using Programmatic GeoTargeting and Hyperlocal Targeting, leads outside a business’s geographic location will be filtered out and send to an alternative client. Both Programmatic GeoTargeting & Hyperlocal Targeting have their benefits for Pay Per Call and have significant impact on the lead quality.

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