Why Pay Per Call Marketing Matters to Your Small Businesses Future

The concept of Pay Per Call marketing used to have a dirty name. Its origins are deeply tied to those late-night infomercials that are now roundly mocked, but today’s Pay Per Call isn’t your momma’s infomercial variety of the 1980s and 1990s. Marketers today have realized the potential of Pay Per Call to radically transform advertising and brand visibility, while increasing sales and traffic for businesses of all kind.
When it comes to small businesses, well there are few tools as powerful as a good distribution partner and a solid Pay Per Call approach. Regardless of the size of your business, phone calls mean more business. A BIA/Kelsey survey of small-business owners found that 66% rate phone calls as good or excellent lead sources, compared to 58% for online sources (lead forms). So why are calls so important?

High-Quality Leads

It was just referenced above, but it’s worth repeating again and again. Phone calls are important, especially for small businesses in the service sector. Consumers increasingly rely on their smartphones to help them make purchasing decisions and connect with local businesses to meet a service need.

While people can surf the web and text, those are called smartphones for a reason. Reports from Google have found that ads with a phone number are clicked on 8% more than ads without a number. Pay Per Call marketing capitalizes on the phone in a consumers hand by generating ads that promote your service along with your phone number. These aren’t just average calls either.

When a consumer places a phone call, it often occurs during a time of immediate need or happens because they are ready to purchase. These are high-quality leads creating connections to consumers in a purchasing mood.

Return on Investment

Of equal importance for your small business is ROI. You likely have a small advertising budget, which means it’s vital that you get the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Pay-per-click advertising is appealing to many small-business owners because it’s quick and easy, but it only converts about 2 to 3% of the time.

Pay Per Call converts between 10 and 15% of the time, providing a much better ROI for your small business. Working with the right distribution partner, you can not only generate more high-quality calls for your business, but you can also improve on conversion rates.

BIA/Kelsey estimates that 65 billion calls will be made to businesses in 2016. Will you trust your distribution partner to help you run an efficient Pay Per Call campaign, or miss the call?

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