Your Distribution Partners and Call Intelligence

Whether you are new to Pay Per Call campaigns or have used this marketing method for years, there are always going to be little features you’re missing out on. Some features are newer and you may not have heard of them. Other features you just haven’t had time to investigate. Fear not; at RingPartner we’re here to make sure you know everything about Pay Per Call that you’ll need to launch and manage successful campaigns that provide strong ROI and create commission opportunities for your business.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to briefly discuss some call intelligence features that (if you aren’t already aware of) you should be looking for from your Publishers. There are a myriad of features available today, but the following are two of the most important to look for. These features provide you with valuable data that enhances your knowledge and makes it easier to manage your Pay Per Call campaign effectively.

Session-based Call Tracking

Pay Per Call analytics previously lagged behind digital analytics (as used in online marketing for click performance), but that is no longer the case. A good Publisher is one that offers call tracking and attribution data that is on par with digital analytics from other online marketing campaigns. What does this mean?

This means that your publishing partner should be able to offer you call tracking that offers insight into your Pay Per Call campaign that tells you what is working and what is not. Modern call tracking tools allow marketers to place JavaScript codes on a website that is connected to the phone number for your business. When consumers click to call or manually dial your number, the information will start flowing in.

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Now, instead of having one phone number for all your marketing campaigns, you’ll have a unique number for each consumer session. As a result, you get detailed information about the keywords, placements, devices, etc. that drove the consumer to your page or ad and see a snapshot of the general online activity that drove the consumer to make that call.

Journey Maps

Similar to the previous feature, you need to know how the consumer bounced around between researching your industry and initiating interaction with your business. Consumers frequently research on mobile devices, use click-to-call features in your Pay Per Call campaign, and end up speaking with you in a matter of minutes.

You need a publishing partner that can connect the dots between your customer’s search and hearing their voice on the other end of the phone. What pages did they visit or research did they do online prior to calling? Were they using mobile devices or laptops? Did they conduct local searches or generic keyword searches? Mapping allows you to connect the dots from start to finish in your consumer’s journey to the purchase.