2014 Mobile Marketing Trends and Pay Per Call Advertising

If you’re a frequent reader of the RingPartner blog, you are no doubt familiar by now with the basics of pay per call advertising. Pay per call has been a major cog in advertising and marketing for businesses for decades. The movement began with simple TV adds (we all remember those late-night infomercials), and has morphed into a new machine capable of reaching consumers at home on laptops, at a local coffee shop on their tablet, or anywhere on their smartphone.

Mobile marketing trends and pay per call fit together nicely. As trends in mobile marketing change with consumer behavior, pay per call is increasing in value for businesses of all sizes. Consider the following trends in mobile marketing and the impact each can (and will) have on pay per call campaigns.

Personalization and Customization

Mobile commerce might not be massively popular among all consumers just yet, but an increasing percentage of the population uses tablets and smartphones to research products and services. This has led to an increase in the personalization and customization of messages that advertisers deliver in marketing content. The trick for businesses and their publishing partners is converting those searchers into buyers, both on mobile devices and in stores.

For example, grocery store apps are wildly popular among consumers. Coupons and grocery lists can be managed on a device while walking the aisles of the store. When consumers search a recipe, say for green bean casserole, customization takes over to convert that searcher to a buyer. The app would immediately offer up coupons for the various ingredients to the casserole to provide a push in the right direction.

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Geo-targeting, or location-based marketing, allows advertisers to target consumers with relevant products and services based upon their location. Because every smartphone has GPS inside it, geo-targeting is poised to make a tremendous impact on marketing strategies. Not only do devices have GPS in them, but with “check-in” features on social media becoming more popular, marketers have even more tools for targeting consumers based upon their location.

This allows businesses and their publishing partners to target consumers with promotions or notifications based upon their proximity to the business.

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When it comes to mobile advertising content, the trend is becoming increasingly short-and-sweet. There are numerous options for business when it comes to micro-content for mobile advertising. SMS campaigns that encourage consumers to call in and SnapChat photos that have coupon offers with the business’s number are just a few of the options when it comes to micro-content.

Relevance to Pay Per Call

The impact of these mobile marketing trends on pay per call campaigns is clear. Pay per call is all about getting consumers to take action (make a purchase), and works best when the campaign is targeted at consumers in a local area. As a local home repair company, for example, your business thrives upon local consumers being driven to action. In today’s busy world, people are inherently impatient. Shorter content is going to generate greater ROI for your marketing dollars because people won’t spend all day reading about your services if they can be quickly enticed by a coupon deal instead.

Using personalized messages that are targeted at consumers in your operating area will prove more fruitful for your business than relying upon mass marketing in the hopes of generating a handful of phone calls.