3 Unique Local Search Tactics To Draw In New Customers

Continued success in business requires both returning, valued customers and new customers to expand the target audience base. Drawing in new customers requires unique tactics at times. For clients looking to draw in new customers in their local area, there are innovative approaches that can be taken to attract more people through local search.

Provide Useful Local Area Information

Want to attract new local customers? One unique way to accomplish this goal through digital marketing is the inclusion of useful information specific to the local area. This includes creating content aimed at a target population in the area. Blog posts, social media content, and web pages can be tailored around upcoming events in the vicinity of the business or even citywide activities the brand participates in/sponsors. Adopting this tactic into Pay Per Call is easy too.

For example, think of an HVAC company in the midst of a heatwave. Using social media posts, this brand could send out time-based coupons for A/C tune-ups to draw in new customers who want to ensure the cold air keeps flowing in their home during the heatwave. These consumers may have been putting off a tune-up, but with a coupon code could be pushed to contact the business and schedule an appointment.

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Use Online Directory Listings

Despite the growing prominence of online directory listings, many digital marketing specialists don’t take advantage of them. Online directors help increase online visibility and aid brands in grabbing top billing in local search results. The best directories to join are those specific to a brand niche, its wider industry, and most importantly, its local area. Want to know exactly what to include in those online directory listings? Here’s five essentials:

  • Accurate Business Name: Too many brands lack consistency across listings and social media. If the HVAC company mentioned above goes by the name “The A/C Guys,” then the listing should reflect that. Using just “A/C Guys” can lead to issues with Google and confuse customers, even though just one word is different.
  • Business Address: Using a physical address in online directory listings is important, and prevents Google from de-emphasizing the brand.
  • Business Website: Digital marketing being an online game, it’s imperative to list the accurate business website URL.
  • Photos: Including photos the office location and/or products helps emphasize one brand over another.

From a Pay Per Call standpoint, using a tracked phone number enables customers to easily get in touch, and ensures the brand can track the value of its local search in generating conversions.

Take Advantage of Local Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup adds coding to a business website with greater information about the brand itself, such as products sold, reviews of services, and other unique details that apply to the individual brand. Search Engine Land notes that only 31.3% of websites are currently using structured data markup in digital marketing campaigns, and there is great value in taking advantage. In Pay Per Call, this can include listing the business phone number in yet another place.

Structured data markup provides in the local search results for consumers, which means the business phone number would appear as well if included. This adds another channel for Pay Per Call, but also boosts overall digital marketing visibility. Finally, Google wants brands using structured data. Using structured data makes it easier for Google to determine the value of a site’s content to searchers.

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