4 Mobile Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

There’s a massive migration taking place in online marketing today, shifting away from the old-school approaches of the desktop era and toward the mobile marketing strategies that equal success in a world dominated by smartphones. However, just because your business has transitioned to mobile marketing, doesn’t mean you’re doing everything correctly. Here’s four mobile marketing mistakes you might be making, and why you should avoid them.

Not Ditching Desktop

A lot of marketers and advertisers, though they’ve moved away from pouring all their funds into desktop, are still using desktop ads. Reformatting your desktop ads for mobile use is ineffective, even though it is cheaper than rebuilding mobile-specific ads. You should avoid this because it makes your company look ill-equipped to market to mobile consumers, and many of those ads are even blocked on mobile devices, so you’re literally spending money on something no one sees.

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Ignoring In-App Ads

The shift to mobile ads isn’t just about taking all of your marketing spend out of desktop and dumping into mobile. Smartphone users spend some 88% of their time on devices in apps. Your mobile marketing strategy shouldn’t favor standard mobile ads over in-app ads, because your consumers are spending most of their time in apps. You have to make sure that your marketing spend, much like ditching desktop, is being spent on ads people will actually see.

Creating a Barrage of Ads

Oracle notes that barraging consumers with countless, small ads is perhaps the greatest mistake mobile marketers are making right now. If your mobile marketing campaign requires a consistent barrage of small ads to get your point across, you are likely creating and using ineffective messaging to begin with. If you really want to succeed, you need a small handful of valuable ads that are immersive, encourage participation with your brand, and create value for the consumer.

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Tracking Consumer Interactions

Perhaps overlooked in all of this is the interaction your consumer base has with your brand. If you don’t have a good idea how your consumers and site visitors are interacting with your ads, content, and brand on mobile devices, you face an uphill battle in both conversion and brand loyalty. When you understand consumer behavior, you’re more likely to convert searchers into buyers, and building a consumer base that comes back to your brand time and again.

The key to any successful mobile marketing campaign is a reliable Publisher who understands a cohesive, integrated marketing plan. The integrated use of mobile marketing, Pay Per Call marketing, and other online strategies is vital to the overall success of your marketing approach.

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