5 Mobile Productivity Apps Every Pay Per Call Marketer Should Use

In a field as turbulent and competitive as digital marketing, change is truly the only constant. Nowadays, marketers that refuse to get with the times and stay on the cutting edge of technology are bound to be left in the dust. For many Per Per Call marketers, cloud-based apps are the best way to stay organized and productive. Alongside the default software tools provided by your chosen ad network, these apps will help you to get to the next level.


It’s true that Evernote has been around for awhile. However, the well-known archiving service has really come into its own lately as a tool for organizing all manner of content from around the web. Whether you need a digital scrapbook for compiling campaign ideas or a cloud-based notebook for jotting down quick memos, Evernote has you covered. Busy Pay Per Call marketers on the go can benefit greatly from Evernote’s functionality delivered via its various mobile apps.

Google Keep

While it may seem like Google Keep is merely a stripped-down Evernote knockoff, it’s actually an incredibly simple and flexible way to organize your workflow. The note-taking tool can be used to jot down quick memos to yourself during the day as you schedule tasks and brainstorm ideas. All of your notes are backed up to Google Drive and can be accessed via your mobile phone from any location thanks to robust apps for both Android and iOS.


It’s no surprise that task checklist apps are all the rage these days. For marketers, they’re the perfect way to stay on schedule and maximize productivity. Arguably the most powerful checklist app on the market at present is Any.Do, a favorite of multitaskers in a number of fields. Besides basic task checklist functionality, Any.Do allows users to fire off SMS blasts, set alarms and pen quick emails while they’re plowing through their ever-changing daily to-do lists.

Social Mention

Regardless of the offer you happen to be promoting, keeping your ear to the ground is often critical to the success of a Pay Per Callcampaign. Social Mention is a real-time search engine that allows marketers to gather intelligence on trending topics relevant to their promotional efforts. Knowing what’s hot with key target demographics allows savvy marketers to fine-tune their campaigns for greater ROI. In an increasingly connected digital marketplace, these social media insights are clutch.


Another great free service from Google worth investigating is Quickoffice, which boasts apps for Android users and for the iOS platform. Quickoffice is a lightweight office suite that can open PDFs, edit Word documents and work with Excel spreadsheets. It can even create PowerPoint presentations in a pinch if need be. If you don’t like the idea of working within the cramped confines of a mobile device’s display, it can be run in a web browser as well.

The Ultimate Productivity Suite

The aforementioned apps are some of the best all-purpose productivity tools for advertisers and publishers alike. As powerful as they may be, they’re best used as supplemental tools. Nowadays, the most important weapon in a marketer’s arsenal is a Pay Per Call ad network that can go the distance. You can’t expect to convert leads like it’s going out of style if you don’t have a full-featured ad network priming the pump for you.