5 Pitfalls of Failing to Go Mobile-Friendly

The move to mobile is nothing new in North America and around the world. More and more consumers not only have smartphones now, but are using them in increasing numbers to conduct searches and make purchase. In the United States alone, 94% of smartphone owners use their devices to perform local searches. Think about that: 94% of 320 million people!

We’re not going to hammer home the benefits of a mobile-friendly site in this post. Hopefully our loyal readers have already made the transition, but if you’re still a hold out you might be wondering “why all the commotion?” Well, here’s five ways your business could suffer without a mobile-friendly experience.

What You’ll Miss if You Don’t Go Mobile-Friendly:


Drop in Mobile Traffic

If your mobile site isn’t optimized for users across various platforms, you’re going to experience a drop in traffic to your site. This will inevitable result in lower standings in Google and other SERPs.

Lower Mobile Ranking for Organic Search

Organic search results are among the most valuable to businesses for two reasons. For starters, it is a sign of Google’s faith in your site and its quality/value to customers. Secondly, it’s a sign that consumers have been to your site and agree that it has value to offer. You’re marketing your business right if your organic search standings are high, but with a poor mobile experience you’ll begin to fall.

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Higher Bounce Rates

Your website will experience high bounce rates among consumers frustrated with the lack of a mobile site, or the poor performance of the mobile experience with your brand. Bounce rates represent users who visited your website and couldn’t find relevant information they wanted, therefore leaving your site before navigating past your homepage or landing page.

Loss of Business to Competitors

Not only will those consumers from the bounce group end up leaving your website, costing your views and ad revenue, but they are going to take their business (and money) to the competition. If your competitors have a functional, easy-to-navigate mobile site, consumers are going to flock to them instead.

Lower Conversion Rates

Last but not least, you’ll face the high likelihood of seeing your conversion rates fall. Frustrated customers flocking to other sites and a lack of visibility in search engines will all have the cumulative result of pushing your conversion rates downward and cutting into your profits.

If you haven’t looked into a mobile-friendly site, or haven’t tested your current site to ensure it is operating smoothly and efficiently for visitors, now’s the time to do so!

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