5 Tips to Generate More Calls from Your Landing Page

Like most business owners, you’ve taken your enterprise online where customers from your local area and abroad can interact with your business. Today, operating a website for your business isn’t an option, it’s a must. However, all the web presence in the world can’t make up for that human connection with your customers. Pay Per Call marketing bridges the gap between your physical and online presence, and an actual dialogue between your business and consumers.

One of the most important pieces of your online puzzle is your landing page. This is the first interaction consumers have with your brand, and could determine whether they buy from you or the competition. Here are five tips to help your business generate more calls from your landing page, creating better connections and boosting revenue.

Test Phone Number Position

In marketing, as in real estate, it’s all about location. Where you place your phone number on your landing page determines how successful your Pay Per Call marketing efforts are going to be in driving more calls. There are a few good options, such as the header at the top of the page or above a lead form, but take the time to test the positions and see which work best. Some people go to your page specifically looking for a number to call, making the header a great place.

Others might be there to research before calling, which means they’ll have read through your landing page before reaching the lead form, at which point they’ll find your number conveniently placed.

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Tinker with Size & Colour

There’s big and bold in the world of advertising, and then there’s downright distracting. Using big, bold numbers with red colouring will grab attention for your phone number on the landing page, but it may also come across as gimmicky. Test various size and colour options to see which setup consumers react to positively.


When it comes to a mobile landing page, a click-to-call button is a must. Consumers using a smartphone don’t want to scroll through endless pages and pinch-to-zoom to find a number in small print. Use a click-to-call button so they can immediately launch a phone call when they want to contact your business. Google reported that 61% of mobile searchers find a click-to-call button vital in the purchasing process.

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Display Your Number at the Right Time

Your landing page is online 24/7/365, but your employees have human hours. Don’t allow your phone number to be displayed indefinitely on your landing page. While it’s nice to give consumers the option to find the number at any time, if they try to call when your business is closed it will only lead to frustration.

Go Local

Finally, if you operate a local business, it’s best to use a local number. While most businesses like to offer both local and toll-free 800-numbers for consumers to call, your local consumer base is more likely to call a local number, and it helps reinforce your local presence in the community.