7 Massively Effective Ways to Increase Traffic Through Mobile Marketing

We’d all like the elusive magical formula for instantly boosting traffic to any particular web destination. However, unless you stumble upon an enchanted lamp with a genie inside,you’ll have to do it the hard way. Mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to achieve this outcome. Here are a few effective techniques to employ that work wonders for driving mobile traffic.

Site-Specific Apps

You don’t have to run a service like Spotify or Instagram to host a mobile app that simplifies the web-browsing experience for users. Optimizing your site for smaller screen sizes needn’t require the services of a dedicated web developer. Platforms like Heyo and Mobile Web America can take your regular website and spit out a mobile version instantly.

Responsive URLs

A responsive URL allows you to provide the proper experience to visitors based on the device and browser they’re using. If a user is on an Android smartphone, they’ll be directed to a mobile site or your app. Otherwise, they’ll be shown your default website. Merging mobile and desktop URLs is easy with Detect Mobile Browsers.

Use Social Profiles to Promote Mobile Pages

It seems fairly obvious, but many marketers’, and even some major brands, don’t take advantage of social media marketing to push mobile traffic. Make sure that all of your social media profiles on LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter include mobile URLs that users can click and bookmark for future visits later on.

Mobile Display Ads

Combining mobile marketing with banner ads is a powerful way to drive traffic that has a very good chance of success. Check out Google Ads and Facebook’s mobile ad platform to explore your various banner options to get started.

Link Email and Mobile Promotion

Viral email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective tactics for attracting and converting clients. You can piggyback email marketing on top of mobile promotion using platforms like MobileStorm that allow you to present mobile users with the option of emailing a friend about the ad when they click it.

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Harness the Power of Web Video

Thanks to increasing cellular bandwidth and more powerful mobile hardware, mobile video marketing has finally come into its own as a viable way to advertise to customers. Posting URLs within video clips on YouTube is one route to take. In addition, YouTube’s TrueView allows you to efficiently market to consumers on a budget.

Calendar Event Integration

One innovative way to capitalize on the high click-through rates of mobile banner ads is with calendar integration. Let’s say that you have a mobile banner advertising a product or service, when the user clicks the ad, it automatically marks the event on their calendar as a reminder for the future. This will ensure a higher rate of follow-through from prospective customers.

Our Mobile Future

Mobile marketing is a vital component of any comprehensive web promotion strategy today. With more and more traffic going mobile each year, it’ll become ever more important. Specifically targeting the mobile market is a necessity today, and it can’t be ignored.