Four Key Moments That Can Make or Break Your Mobile Marketing

Much of the discourse that surrounds mobile marketing tends to focus on aspects that can be quantified. Statistics on revenue potential, competition, and number of users remain a primary focus. However, your role in mobile marketing should reach much deeper. To develop a successful mobile marketing strategy, you should be considering a few key moments in the mobile marketing process that can cause you to stand out from the competition:

Think Like Your Customers

Mobile marketing efforts shouldn’t be centred on giving your customer exactly what your customer wants, your efforts should be framed around predicting the factors leading up to when your customer is looking for information about what you’re selling. This process involves being proactive. You’ll need to tailor your mobile marketing strategy to coincide with your customers future behaviors based on what past purchases and online behaviors indicate. If you can leverage this information, you’ll be able to form a connection with your customers that will keep them coming back for more.

Create Meaningful Connections

The secret to luring customers in and retaining said customers is to meet your customers where they are. If your customers indicate they want to connect in a mobile manner and you overlook this bit of information, you’re never going to reach your optimum level of conversion. Looking for simple ways to deepen your customer relationship can also help you reduce the cost of doing business. You could head off unnecessary expenses by meeting customers’ needs before customers express these needs.

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Make Relevant Offers

Mobile is here to stay. Mobile use is increasing at an exponential rate and will continue to increase. Consumers are bombarded with a gazillion distractions on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that marketers often wonder how they can capture and keep the attention of mobile customers. If you want to achieve mobile marketing success, you need to let consumers know what’s in it for them. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you should always make a highly relevant offer that provides instant value for your customers if you want to break through all those distractions.

Customize Customer Experience

Consumers expect offers to coincide with their unique situations. This means that many offers should be location based. This increases the relevance of your marketing message even if your consumer is on the go, as many mobile users are. If you can offer your customers highly relevant, timely, location-based information, you’re more likely to capture their attention than a marketer who is burying information so far that customers have to work to find it.

You should be focusing on how to convert and sync these measurable opportunities with these less tangible aspects of mobile marketing efforts. Paying attention to these factors can often mean the difference between achieving mobile marketing success or suffering through a dismal marketing failure.

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