Pay Per Call Statistics to Help You Market More Effectively

Marketing is a tough field to succeed in, due in large part to the ever changing environment within business. As a B2B marketer, staying on top of trends and ahead of the curve when changes come is important. In this post, we’ll cover a number of statistics that you need to know if you want to market your products and services to business customers. The key to successful B2B marketing lies within these stats.

Accept the Prominence of Millennials

Just three short years ago, Millennials (18-34) accounted for just 27% online research. The spread between age groups was fairly even, with the 35-44 age group accounting for 29%, 45-54 accounting for 26%, and 55+ accounting for 18%. According to Google, Millennials now account for nearly half of online research, at 46%. Each of the other age groups experienced significant decreases averaging 6% per age group.

Digital marketing is important in reaching an entire generation of decision-makers who have not lived in a world in which the Internet didn’t exist. You need to market toward Millennials if you want to succeed.

Generic Search is a Common Starting Point

Big data allows marketers to look at the overall journey that consumers take from initial keyword searches to contact and conversion as a sale. Search should be a huge part of your strategy if it isn’t already. Almost 71% of B2B research starts with a generic search, giving you the opportunity to garner greater attention for your business with a search campaign that makes a stunning first impression. Success is more likely if you get in on the conversation early, rather than late.

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Get Mobile, or Be Left Behind

If you haven’t fully integrated mobile (ads, search ads, mobile-optimized sites, etc.) into your marketing efforts, you’re going to struggle to grab the attention of your target audience. Google found that an astonishing 91% of B2B researchers use mobile during various steps of the path to purchase. Smartphones aren’t only used on a bus or in line at the local coffee shop, but researchers sitting at their desk are conducting searches on smartphones.

More importantly, mobile devices are used across the spectrum when it comes to research, comparison, and purchasing. Consumers compare prices, read reviews, call various companies, and make final purchases on their smartphones. Mobile campaigns are a must for success in marketing. The growth of Pay Per Call marketing is a perfect example, as consumers use click-to-call features when they find a company they want to work with.

Read and learn from these facts discovered by Google during a recent survey, and you’ll be able to improve your B2B marketing and reach your consumers more effectively.

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