Small Mobile Marketing Mistakes that Can Cost You Big!

Mobile marketing is no longer a buzzword or wave of the future that is talked about in terms of “if” and “when.” Mobile marketing has arrived as the preeminent means of reaching out to consumers and making high-quality connections. GeoMarketing notes research data from eMarketer that found consumers time spent on mobile increased from 2016 to 2017, while all other media decreased. With such importance now placed on mobile marketing, here’s some small mistakes commonly made that could cost you big.

Ignoring Social Media

Did you know that 80% of consumer time spent on social media is done via a mobile device? Ignoring social media’s role in your mobile marketing is easy to do, but costly in the long run. Mobile is dominant when it comes to social media, and Facebook is the place to be. The Google Play store has Facebook and Facebook Messenger as the #1 and #2 social media app downloads by consumers.

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Getting too Complex

Consumers have short attention spans and no time to waste clicking through link after link on their mobile devices. You might think complexity can help root out the consumers that aren’t really interested, but this mobile marketing mistake is more likely to root out all customers. Don’t make things too complex and ask them to click numerous links. Streamline the process from grabbing their attention to making a connection.

Forgetting Pay Per Call

As the name rightly suggests, mobile marketing and Pay Per Call are a match made in heaven. More than half of all web traffic, 51.3% to be precise, comes from mobile devices. Further, 77% of Americans now own a smartphone compared to 35% in 2011. Remember we just emphasized the value of streamlined mobile marketing, and Pay Per Call helps you keep it simple.

Consumers are already performing searches and conducting product/service research on mobile devices. They have a phone right there in their hand, and with the simple inclusion of a click-to-call button you can avoid the most heinous of mobile marketing mistakes: missing Pay Per Call.

There are many steps you can take to improve your mobile marketing campaign, such as adding Pay Per Call. You can start by avoiding these small mistakes the cost you big time in the long run.

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