The 6 Best Social Media Analytics Engines for Marketers in 2013

Now more than ever, mobile marketers of all kinds live and die based on how effectively they can leverage analytics to propel sales. Even though many marketing networks such as Pay Per Click platforms already offer tools for assessing campaign ROI by default, you can never have access to too much business intelligence. Auxiliary analytics tools can help you to get the most from your campaigns. Here are 5 of the absolute best analytics engines currently on the market.


Combining social media management with solid analytics, Gremln is a great value for marketers who rely heavily on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to produce leads. Much like HootSuite, Gremln allows marketers to schedule posts for maximum impact and monitor their effectiveness in real time. Though not as full-featured as some of the more expensive analytics packages out there, it’s still a terrific bargain for teams thanks to its support for multiple users and its intuitive dashboard.


For the marketer who needs the most accurate analytics possible and demands total control, Clicky is just the ticket. Boasting a raft of features including heatmaps, A/B tests and personalized reports just to name a few, it is without a doubt one of the most powerful analytics programs you can get find anywhere online. Better yet, Clicky offers tons of additional plugins and third-party apps for customizing your campaign tracking in any endeavor.


Yet another fantastic analytics machine focused on social media applications, Spredfast ups the ante by supporting campaigns on a wide array of networks. Users can administer marketing content for Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or your own blogs. Spredfast makes it easy to track a variety of metrics and churn out custom reports for any given promotional campaign. It even incorporates some basic CRM features, making it a versatile marketing tool any way you slice it.


Perfect for marketers that need both web analytics and campaign management, VisiStat is the Swiss Army knife of digital marketing optimization. In addition to traditional analytics reports on metrics like traffic sources, visitor counts and total in-bound links, it also features many tools for quantifying social media reach. Its unique TouchMapping technology allows users to generate incredibly accurate heatmaps that can significantly boost conversions. For B2B marketers, the LeadCaster tool makes lead qualification an absolute breeze.

Google Analytics

The inclusion of Google Analytics on any list of top-notch analytics programs should surprise no one at this point. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the most versatile free tools ever created for tracking web traffic. Its beauty ultimately lies in its simplicity. Google Analytics allows users to delve deeply into data culled from mobile campaigns, social media promotions and traditional blogging efforts to fine-tune their marketing. For serious professionals, Google Analytics Premium provides even more power and 24/7 support.

Cranking Your Campaigns Up to 11

Squeezing every last drop of performance from your campaigns won’t happen by accident. Nowadays, ROI trumps gross revenue as marketers battle for each scrap from the affiliate table. Long story short, the world of online marketing isn’t going to become any less competitive any time soon. Therefore, it’s in the best interests of every marketer to arm themselves with the most powerful analytics tools possible.

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