How to Upgrade Your Social Media Ads

Social media is a great tool for digital marketers. Social platforms offer a direct line to a target customer group and an informal way of putting a human face on the brand. It’s always a good idea for businesses to take advantage of the broad reach of social media to capture new customers and target existing buyers. Below, you can learn four ways to upgrade your social media ads in 2020.

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Use Keywords in Your Ads

If you’re already involved in digital marketing for your brand by building landing pages and coming up with blog content, then you no doubt have done some extensive research on the keywords and phrases that generate engagement with your target audience. As such, there is no good reason to leave those keywords out of your keyword ads.

If you haven’t done any keyword analysis yet, Google has a powerful keyword analysis tool you can use to figure out what terms and phrases your target audience is using. With this information in hand, you can be sure to include those ads in your social media ads so that those ads appear as your target audience conducts online searches.

Target Your Current Customers

Far too many brands focus on the constant pursuit of new customers. However, focusing your digital marketing efforts and social media ads on the constant pursuit of new customers creates two problems. First, it is impossible to focus entirely on new customers because you are not likely to always find a large volume of new customers. Second, you risk ignoring the valuable customers that already purchased from your brand.

Imagine if all of your current customers bought another product from you. What if those same customers bought a more expensive product or service? This would do just as much, if not more, for your revenue than trying to sway new customers toward your brand. According to some figures, it costs 5 to 10X more to get a new customer than to retain an existing customer. You can upgrade your social media ads by creating custom audiences in your social media profiles. Here you can upload an existing list of customer emails to target those existing customers with your ads.

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Leverage the Power of Lookalike Audiences

If you want to lower the cost of acquiring new customers, one of the best tools you can use is lookalike audiences. A lookalike audience use the demographics and data you already have on existing customers to find similar customers out there who are likely to shop with your brand. Rather than starting from scratch trying to find out how to target new customers, you can use the information you’ve already gathered. You already know who shops with your brand, and can create lookalike audiences to target with distinct social media ads. While these people aren’t guaranteed to buy from you, the likelihood they do is higher than simply putting out ads to a wide audience in hopes that a fraction of them might become buyers.

Become “Shoppable”

Finally, it is time to make your social media ads “shoppable.” Recently introduced features on Instagram and Pinterest, known as “Checkout on Instagram” and “Product Pins” allow your brand to streamline the shopping and buying process for customers. Within your ads on Pinterest, for example, there is now a tool that takes a shopper straight from a product pin to the checkout page on your website to complete the buying process. Best of all, it can be done without ever leaving the app.

There are countless ways you can upgrade your social media ads. These four steps represent a good starting point for your social media marketing in 2020.

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