Best Practices for Pay Per Call and Facebook Ads

In 2017, Facebook hit a major milestone when it announced that the site had 2 billion active monthly users. There is little question that, at least in terms of physical users, Facebook is the preeminent social media platform out there. In most cases, simply being active on social media can benefit your company by keeping your brand in the eyes and minds of your consumers. However, when it comes time to spending a little bit of marketing money to push those consumers from lookers to buyers, Pay Per Call best practices will help ensure that your money is well spent in the process.

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Targeting By Location

Social marketing on Facebook delivers a lot of marketing advantages, including for your Pay Per Call campaigns. One of the best practices for Pay Per Call and Facebook Ads is to target your consumers by location. You can do this from your brand’s page on Facebook and choose the specific group you want to target. Targeting can be completed in one of four major types of fields:

  • Everyone in a location: this is a default option and allows you to reach everyone in a specific location, such as the current city listed in someone’s profile or even based on the location of a device or where it is connecting from.

  • People who live in a location: ideal for brands selling insurances, home products, or other location-specific services, you can target Pay Per Call ads based on the city’s location in a profile and the connection info.

  • People recently in a location: this option is ideal for any type of time-sensitive ad content as it uses location to target people who live in a region or those who have visited a region.

  • People traveling in a location: finally, this option is ideal for use based on the device and connection point of a profile and can be used for marketing hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions

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Test Multiple Versions of Ads

Another great way to optimize your Facebook Ads for Pay Per Call is to continually test your ad content, imagery, and wording. There is no way of knowing exactly which type of Facebook Ad will resonate with different groups of consumers. For example, does using an image in your ad encourage or discourage interaction? Does video content work better? If you want to optimize your ads, you should test multiple versions to figure out which formats work best. You want to track which ads get the most impressions, click-to-calls, and other calls from your Facebook efforts.

There is one important caveat to keep in mind here though. Make sure you only change one item at a time as you test different versions of your ads. Testing too many different factors at once makes it impossible to truly understand which change generated success.

Use Unique Call-Tracking Numbers

Finally, make sure you use unique call-tracking numbers for your Pay Per Call campaigns on Facebook Ads. This will tell you which one of the ads and locations are generating the calls to your business. The unique numbers can be assigned to each different ad so you know which content interacted with before calling. As you assign unique call-tracking numbers, consider using local numbers to attract more attention and build a sense of trust with local shoppers when they compare brands.

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