How to Use LinkedIn Marketing For Pay Per Call

There are more than 550 million business professionals actively using LinkedIn. With a different twist and clientele than other social media platforms, LinkedIn has successfully established itself as the preeminent networking site for professionals. This makes LinkedIn a great place for companies to work on B2B and B2C marketing. LinkedIn not only promotes itself as the #1 Platform for Lead Generation, but also proudly counts 4 out of every 5 members as business decisions makers. When it comes to Pay Per Call marketing, LinkedIn can help brands expand their calling horizons with new avenues for call generation. Here’s a few tips on using LinkedIn for Pay Per Call marketing.

Start with a Company Page

Pay Per Call marketing on LinkedIn starts with a good company page. Individual employees from the CEO down to executive assistants can, and should, maintain their own LinkedIn profiles promoting the business that employs them. A separate company page gives the brand ample opportunities to promote the company, its products, and various services. Company pages should include links to the corporate site and a business phone number in the “about” section. This can be integrated into existing Pay Per Call efforts using a number unique for the LinkedIn company page. Using a clickable button enables mobile users to quickly reach out to the business through that number. Additionally, marketers can track calls to the business back to engagement with the brand on LinkedIn.

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Use Showcase Pages

For companies with a specific department within the business that deals directly with customers as it relates to products or services, showcase pages bring diversification to the company presence on LinkedIn. These are dedicated pages reserved for a specific department/aspect of the business. LinkedIn users can follow the showcase page just like a regular company page, and the inclusion of a unique phone number on a showcase page can direct callers right to a sales team or customer service department for more effective, channeled leads to the business.

Share Long-Form Posts

Success on LinkedIn is attributable to thought leadership. Brands that position themselves as thought leaders often gain the most visibility and greater reach. LinkedIn Pulse allows brands to publish long-form posts with existing followers. Posts should focus on how-to tips or in-depth looks at products/services, and should be very specific in nature. Throughout those posts, brands can link to company pages outside of LinkedIn that have already been integrated into a greater Pay Per Call campaign. Engaging content here can get users to click the links to learn more about a specific product or service. When this occurs, followers are redirected to product/service pages on the company site that already have Pay Per Call marketing included. This should be considered a means of using LinkedIn to funnel people toward existing Pay Per Call marketing campaigns.

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Create LinkedIn Ads

One of the most direct options to integrate Pay Per Call marketing into LinkedIn activity is to create ads on the platform. This includes the ability to target ads at a specific customer base on the platform using text ads, display ads, and sponsored content. Text ads can promote the company or a specific product/service, and can feature a unique business line so customer actions are trackable. Likewise, display ads with rich media content can also include a phone number. Both options can be optimized with click-to-call buttons to enable faster connection for mobile users.

Sponsor Your Best Posts

Finally, use Sponsored Content on LinkedIn to further promote existing content that generated high engagement. Sponsoring content in this way generates native advertising on LinkedIn and funnels viewers to existing Pay Per Call efforts established on the platform.

Pay Per Call marketing with LinkedIn isn’t complicated. In most cases it takes simple integration of unique phone numbers and links to existing Pay Per Call campaigns outside the platform. Most of this can be done for free. The biggest monetary investment will come from paid LinkedIn ads. Regardless, LinkedIn offers a valuable funnel for calls to a business.

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