Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the most powerful tools of the modern marketer. First and foremost, you have the option to use simple, organic tactics to drive engagement between your brand and social media users, or to use paid ads on those platforms to garner attention. Of course, you could do both at the same time. Social media is a great way to attract attention for your brand and generate engagement, but what are some of the best tips to boost social media engagement?

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Tip 1 – Join Groups

This tip is particularly important for new users, but it can also help boost lagging social media engagement for existing users as well. While creating content and sharing it on your social media accounts is a great way to attract attention, if you don’t have a big following it’s not likely to get new consumers engaged with your brand. The best way to increase engagement is to join groups relevant to your brand, product, and/or industry niche. This allows you to share your insight and content, not to mention communicate with, consumers most likely to purchase from your brand. Just remember, the group has to be relevant. If your brand sells healthy living products, don’t join a tech-focused group.

Tip 2 – Participate in Answer & Question Sessions

Many social media platforms have Q&A sessions hosted on the sites. The purpose of these online sessions is for consumers to ask questions. These can be questions directly related to your product or simply sessions that relate to your industry. Either way, this is a great opportunity to showcase your brand knowledge and prove its value to the buyer. In showcasing your product’s value, you are showing people why they should purchase it by actually providing factual information on how your products could solve existing problems.

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Tip 3 – Share Content from Other Sources

Hubris has been the downfall of autocrats and over-confident brands alike. It is impossible that your brand always has the best solution to every problem. It never hurts to show some humility for the good of your followers by sharing posts and content from other sources from time to time. The goal is to create future engagement by doing anything you can to help solve customer concerns or inquiries. Just make sure you aren’t sharing something from a direct competitor. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with sharing content from within your industry if it helps the consumer.

Additionally, repost and share content from customers. When someone tags your brand and shares a positive post about your product or their customer experience with your brand, retweet, re-post, and share. This is direct input from a happy customer that could lead others to engage with the brand.

Tip 4 – Use Guest Posts

Guest posts are another way of increasing social media engagement. Allowing a guest with knowledge of your product and industry to create an in-depth blog post for your company blog or even their own blog is a unique way to create engagement. It showcases your brand through a separate set of eyes from someone outside the brand, and you can share that post across your social media channels to drive visits to your blog and boost engagement on your social networks.

Tip 5 – Get the Brand Engaged with Users

Finally, if you want to boost engagement from social media users, make sure your brand is engaging to deal with on social networks. When you catch customer posts raving about your brand or see a particular hashtag trending, don’t just sit there and bask in the glow. Get involved! Respond to users when they share a positive experience and try to personalize your responses to their individual comments. It can be time consuming, but it helps display a human side to your brand’s online presence and can drive future social media engagement with followers.

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