Why Pay Per Call + Mobile Marketing Matter to Your Small Insurance Firm

When someone tries to make a point to you in a social conversation, is it more effective when they use hearsay or facts? Data is all you need to make a point, because numbers don’t lie. If you are a marketer in an insurance firm or the owner of an independent insurance firm, we’ve got the data to prove the value of Pay Per Call and mobile marketing campaigns to your business.

Research is Done On Mobile Devices

Consumers rarely come into your business in search of paper printouts with information on insurance plans and coverage limitations. When they research a new firm for insurance, they are doing it online. In fact, 40% of insurance shoppers conduct initial research steps on their smartphones when comparing coverage and various providers. If mobile marketing is part of your Pay Per Call campaign, you’re missing a big chunk of the market.

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One-Fourth of Shoppers Use ONLY Mobile Devices

Not only are nearly half the insurance shoppers out there using their smartphones for research, a full 25% of shoppers are using only their smartphone to compare providers and investigate coverage. Those 40% who conduct initial research on their mobile devices might still find your business, but an entire quarter of insurance shoppers are certain to miss your business if you don’t have a mobile presence as part of your Pay Per Call campaign.

Brand Specific Apps & Sites are Preferred

It doesn’t hurt to have your insurance brand and company information out there online wherever you can get it, but if you want to attract enough insurance shoppers, you should strongly consider developing a brand-specific app for mobile users to work with. Why is this important? Two out of three insurance shoppers use an insurance provider’s specific app or mobile-friendly website to make a purchase.

Phone Calls Are Vital

Pay Per Call marketing is incredibly valuable because it provides your target consumers with a direct link to your business. The nature of your insurance industry means that shoppers are going to inevitably have questions about the plan they are purchasing. They’ll have questions about deductibles, coverage, beneficiary coverage, and limitations. Those questions are too specific to be answered with generic content on your site. That is why 60% of mobile shoppers find it critical to be able to call an insurance company during the purchase process.

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