How Small Financial Institutions Can Use Pay Per Call

It’s not always easy to see how Pay Per Call can help a business reach more customers and increase its revenue. Credit unions and small financial institutions that operate only in local and regional markets can capitalize on the value of Pay Per Call to attract new customers looking for affordable lending opportunities and more beneficial banking options than those afforded to them by major national and international banks. If you’ve struggled to market your financial institution, consider the value of Pay Per Call.

Better Targeting

Smaller lenders and credit unions exist to serve local populations, and often play a major role in their local communities by helping other small-business owners with loans and providing financial support to local youth sports teams. When your marketing spend spreads your message too far or too thin, you aren’t getting the most out of your advertising dollars. Pay Per Call marketing comes with targeting tools and analytics that make it easier for your institution to improve its targeting methods.

For example, keyword targeting allows you to target the keywords used by searchers when they are looking for a financial institution to work with. This may include terms such as “small business loans in [your city]” or “credit unions near me.” By targeting searches with these keywords, Pay Per Call makes it easier to get your lending institution’s name and number in front of valuable, local consumers.

Attribute Conversions to Individual Branches

Many small credit unions and lenders operate multiple branches in a particular region, but how do you know which branch is responsible for the most small-business loans or the highest number of new business checking accounts in a month? By attaching local, dynamic numbers to your Pay Per Call campaign, you can attribute conversions to the proper branch when new loans are taken out or new checking accounts opened by business customers.

Ad Scheduling

Just like major banks, your small financial institution is open for set hours on particular days of the week. Regardless of the regularity of your operating hours, consumers are searching online and researching at all hours. It is imperative that you schedule your Pay Per Call ads to appear in mobile search ads when someone is around to answer the phones. If the phone rings and you’re not open, it is not only a lost opportunity, but an ad you’ve paid for that didn’t generate revenue.

Pay Per Call has a number of benefits to offer small businesses in various industries. Contact us to learn more about how Pay Per Call can help you grow your business and boost your revenue! We promise we don’t bite.

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