How Social Media Can Be Used for Pay Per Call

Today, it seems like affiliate marketers are fairly impatient when it comes to seeing results. Consequently, paid promotional methods like PPC get most of the attention from high-profile marketers at the top of the pyramid. Few seem to recognize that social media has become a highly effective affiliate marketing channel in its own right. Pay Per Call campaigns are particularly well suited to social media promotion. If you plan on promoting affiliate offers via social media, heed the following advice.

Select Potential Niches Carefully

Certain affiliate tactics can be applied to offers for nearly any service or product. For instance, you can blog about any topic and pull in a decent amount of traffic. Social media works best if your target audience is at least moderately tech-savvy. Timing is another important factor. Pay Per Call works best on offers that boast short buying cycles. With that in mind, carefully consider which niches are worth promoting before getting started.

Pay Attention to Your Geo-Targeting

Building a geo-fence around your target audience is always a smart way to pursue mobile customers. Obviously, some of the social media profiles that you’ll create to promote offers will be more local in nature than others. Likewise, other profiles will be more effective at promoting broad offers that aren’t as constrained by geographic concerns. The key is to intelligently match up offers and the social media profiles used to promote them based on geographic reach.

Understand Each Network’s Strengths

There’s no getting around the fact that some social media networks are simply better at promoting certain types of offers than others. For example, Twitter is basically a fast-moving stream of short communications. As such, it’s not a great way to market something that can’t be pitched in a few dozen words or so. If your Pay Per Call offer needs a little exposition, you’re better of using a network like Facebook or Google+.

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Know When to Back Off

While social media promotion can deliver quick results, your ability to attract high levels of traffic and interest is dependent on credibility. If people feel that you’re doing nothing but promoting Pay Per Click offers, they’ll be less inclined to follow you. As with content marketing, success in the field of social media marketing is a function of the value that you provide to followers. Space out your pitches to avoid seeming overly aggressive.

Identify the Social-Mobile Nexus

To run a profitable campaign, you must figure out where social media engagement, mobile market share and offer interest intersect. Basically, you’ll need to combine all of the factors discussed above in the optimal fashion. The task can seem daunting at first. However, it’s not that difficult if you leverage advanced analytics and multi-variate testing to separate the noise from the signal. If you’re not comfortable with analytics, now is the time to become proficient.

The Cornerstone of Success

If you’re already a successful content marketer, promoting Pay Per Call offers via social media should come naturally. As you’ll soon discover, the most important ingredient in your campaign recipes is a Pay Per Call ad network that can hook you up with high-quality advertisers and handle the non-affiliate nitty-gritty for you. With the right ad network backing you up, all you’ll have to worry about is working the affiliate magic you’re already familiar with.

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