How to Use Social Media in Your Pay Per Call Campaign

Social media is a natural partner for Pay Per Call advertising campaigns. Smart Insights points out that Facebook, in particular, enjoys 63% penetration rates followed by its own messenger app at 47%. With so many adults using Facebook and other social media platforms each day, this makes the various platforms perfect for your Pay Per Call campaigns. The question many are left with is how to take advantage of social media in this manner.

Offer Incentives in Your Ads

Consumers don’t generally take to Facebook and other social media platforms to search for your business, which means your initial approach with social media marketing has to be adjusted from typical tactics. Because these consumers are going to run across your ads in the course of interacting on social media, they are less likely to take an immediate action without an incentive to do so. If you want to capture their attention, offer incentives in your ads and try using “Call Now” for the click-to-call function to create a sense of urgency.

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Improve Future Ad Targeting with Caller Data

Data is the backbone of any Pay Per Call campaign. Each call your business receives offers a treasure trove of data you can use to enhance your social media marketing and Pay Per Call collaboration. Ad targeting, which can include data such as demographic, ZIP code, and time of call, can help you serve the right ad to the right person at the right time so you increase the likelihood of engagement.

Personalize Each Caller’s Experience

An increasingly popular tactic with Pay Per Call campaigns is the use of personalize experiences. Using caller data from past consumer interactions you can tailor the experience of future, similar callers to ensure the right lead is connected faster to the right department/location within your company to deliver the results that individual caller is looking for.

Social media and Pay Per Call are natural partners in your marketing campaigns. With just a little adjustment to your typical marketing schemes, you can take advantage of Pay Per Call within your social media marketing to driver greater engagement and improve the user experience with your brand.

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