Online Marketing Trends for 2015 That Businesses Need to Know

The Internet is a constantly changing environment, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. It can be tough for even the experts to stay on top of things, so how is the average small business owner supposed to know what to do? Fortunately, there are some trends emerging that are pretty easy to identify. If you want to make sure your business is on the leading edge of Internet advertising today, make sure you’re following these trends.

#1: Mobile Optimization is Crucial

While just making sure your business was on the Internet was a priority five years ago, now it’s about making sure you’re reaching the right people on the Internet. Since more and more people and conducting searches with their cell phones, optimizing your site for mobile devices is crucial. In fact, search engines like Google are starting to prioritize content that is mobile-friendly. From your web site to ads you place online to social media, make sure mobile users have a good experience.

#2: Advertising Will Be Less “Promotional”

The popup ad and the banner ad have been the scourge of the Internet for years, it seems. As a result, clickthrough rates on these ads are plummeting. People are looking for content that’s actually relevant. Now, marketers are seeking ways to make ads seem less “salesy” and more helpful. In short, if it looks like a plain old advertisement, it’s not getting the job anymore

#3: Marketing “Knowledge” First Will Have a Lasting Impact

With the Internet today, people search online for almost everything in their lives. Whether they’re trying to get their car door unlocked, unclog a drain, or silence a noisy dishwasher, many people search online for help before they do anything else. As a small business, you need to capitalize on this trend by offering up basic knowledge people can use. You might think you’re giving away business if you tell people how to solve problems on their own, but remember that this is basic information they likely would have found anyway. If they find it from a local business, they’re more likely to remember that name when the time comes they can’t do it on their own. Tying in the previous trends, make sure this helpful content is easily accessed on your site and is easily read on mobile devices.

Overall, the trends in marketing right now all gear towards making things easier and more convenient for the customer. Consumers are using different devices to access the web now, and they aren’t necessarily responding to traditional Internet advertising anymore. If you want to reach your customers, make sure you’re adapting to these changes or you’ll be left behind.

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