Your Pay Per Call Campaign can Benefit From Social Media

Social media is an odd beast. There are increasing questions about user privacy and data usage, but one thing remains clear. Social media has proven beneficial to businesses in everything from boosting brand exposure to helping increase brand loyalty among customers. Nearly 90% of marketers have found that active social media marketing increases business exposure. Social media has even proven to help boost site SEO by driving traffic to your pages with optimized content. Given the power of social media, what do you think it can do for your Pay Per Call campaign?
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Better Targeting of Audiences

There are numerous key aspects of any marketing campaign, and Pay Per Call is no different. In order to get the phones ringing for your business, you need to know what target customers are most likely to need your services and what their pain points are that you can solve. The best advertising in the world is useless if it targets the wrong audience. This is the first way social media can benefit your Pay Per Call.

Through platforms such as Facebook, you have the power to choose a target audience using several factors. These include specific locations based on the city listed as a user’s hometown or even the location where the device connects to Facebook. On top of this, you can still target audiences by age, sex, marital status, hobbies, and more. All of this information, assuming users supply it, is listed on the average social media account.

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Call-Now Options

One of the benefits of Pay Per Call marketing, in general, is the ability to streamline the process from research to contact. Click-to-call buttons in ads allow viewers to engage with your content and then quickly contact your business. Social media similarly allows you to select a “call now” option for advertisements that acts just like a click-to-call button. Viewers scrolling through social media on smartphones don’t have to memorize or write down your number. Instead, they can interact with your social media content and automatically call your business as a result.

Built-In Analytics

Perhaps the greatest benefit of social media for Pay Per Call is the built-in set of analytics you’ll gather with time. Facebook, for example, maintains its own advertising analytics that you can tap into on the platform. This lets you see how your social media efforts have impact call rates. You’ll see who is interacting with/responding to your ads, how many people viewed those ads, and how effective individual ads have been at generating interactions with customers. These data sets can be used to refine your Pay Per Call campaign in general and your social media ads linked to that campaign to ensure you have content that works.

If these benefits aren’t enough to convince you of the value of social media for your Pay Per Call campaign, just remember that Facebook alone boasts 2 billion active monthly users. Though it’s unlikely you need to reach that entire audience for your business to thrive, the fact that more than one-third of the Earth’s population uses the site means it is worth your time to integrate social media into your Pay Per Call marketing plans. Five million other advertisers from large and small businesses alike are already active on Facebook and social media, so now’s the time to add this source of contacts to your Pay Per Call.

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