Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

With over 1.37 billion active users daily as of June 2017, it’s no question that Facebook Advertising makes up a large portion of online marketing. If your SMB is not advertising on Facebook yet, you could be missing out on a key piece of your target audience.

The first component to making sure your business is ready for Facebook Advertising is optimizing your business page for marketing and ensuring all relevant pieces are properly displayed. In 5 Ways to Leverage Your Facebook Page for Marketing, we share all the do’s and don’ts for your business page.

5 Ways to Leverage Your Facebook Page for Marketing

If you’re running Pay Per Call Campaigns, you don’t want to miss out on the large percentage of audience you could be targeting on Facebook. If you are currently running Pay Per Call campaigns, and you need some convincing on the Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Ads for Pay Per Call, take a look at this article where we assess the risks in using Facebook Ads.

Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Ads for Pay Per Call

Now that you’ve read the Pros and Cons of Facebook Advertising for Pay Per Call, you’ll need to know where to begin. The next article will explain each step in creating Facebook Ads for Pay Per Call Campaigns from local awareness, call-now features, to how to analyze your results effectively. On top of analyzing your results, it’s important to know how to accurately change your advertising campaign accordingly to highlight the positives and fix the downfalls that arise.

Facebook Pay Per Call Advertising for Beginners

The use of Facebook comes in a wide variety for your business including: brand awareness, website visits, Facebook business page followers, and the list goes on. But, before you start your Facebook ads, we highly recommend you start with a specific goal. Start by asking yourself, what do you want to achieve with this ad? Is it brand awareness by using impressions, website visits, or lead form fills? Each of these goals have specific categories within Facebook Ads Manager. To optimize your Facebook Ads, take a look at this article where we share the key contributing factors to make your Facebook Ads stand out and reach your target Audience.

How to Optimize Your Advertising For Facebook

By now, if you’ve read all these articles, you may consider yourself a Facebook Advertising Pro. But, before you claim your status, check to make sure you understand each of these factors. With over 2 billion active Facebook users a month, you want to make sure your audience is specific to your niche. Make sure you are updating and split testing your audience to ensure you are targeting the best audience. Next, optimizing your content to be both engaging and relevant to what you are promoting for both online and offline usage. Last, A/B test your ads! This last one seems obvious, but realistically if you aren’t doing this last step, you may be losing out on a significant amount of data you could be using to help make your ads even better! Now that you know each step, take a deeper read in 3 Skills Every Facebook Advertising Pro Has Mastered.

3 Skills Every Facebook Advertising Pro Has Mastered

A large portion of Facebook Users use mobile devices to scroll through their news feed. When creating your ads, you’ll want to make sure you are optimizing your ads for mobile. In the next article, we share 5 Proven Facebook Mobile Marketing Tactics that Really Workbecause we all know there are some tactics that don’t always work out in our favor.

5 Proven Facebook Mobile Marketing Tactics That Really Work

Facebook is an essential when it comes to online marketing platform and if your business isn’t utilizing Facebook in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a ton of leads. So, to get started, all you need to do is create your ad and start promoting your Facebook Page. The options are endless when it comes to creativity in Facebook Ads!

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