Facebook Pay Per Call Advertising for Beginners

As of late June 2017, Facebook boasts 2 billion active monthly users. This means that Facebook is, without question, the preeminent social media platform for marketing and advertising your brand. If your business relies upon Pay Per Call marketing to reach out to consumers, then there is a lot you have to learn about using Facebook advertising for Pay Per Call.

Create Local Awareness Ads

Using Facebook advertising, you can now create local-focused ads right from your Facebook page. You simply choose a call to action, set the area you want to reach, and then set a budget for your marketing campaign. From there, Facebook gives you two options to choose from on a call-to-action: Call Now and Get Directions.

Use Call-Now Button

Similar to click-to-call buttons on other mobile advertising campaigns, once you’ve created a local awareness ad in your Facebook advertising campaign you can add the “Call Now” button to your advertisement. When a viewer sees your Facebook ad in their newsfeed, they can click on the “Call Now” button and their mobile device will automatically dial your business phone number. This makes it even easier for consumers to connect with your business.

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View Results

Just as you can create a local ad right from your page, you can also go view the results of your local awareness ads right on your Facebook page. Here, you can view the status of your campaign, how much money you’ve spent, and the daily budget for your Pay Per Call efforts on Facebook advertising. You’ll also see the number of people reached, local impressions, and how many clicks you’ve generated. Since you’ve chosen “Call Now,” the results will show you how many people clicked the “Call Now” button to connect to your business.

React and Improve

The results of your Facebook advertising will highlight the positives and negatives of your Pay Per Call campaign. You’ll be able to see how well your ads have performed, and make the necessary adjustments to your campaign to improve engagement and get the phone ringing more frequently at your business. Likewise, you’ll be able to maximize the performance of your Pay Per Call against the cost of using Facebook advertising to do so.

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